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Buddybuild is a continuous integration (CI), continuous deployment (CD), and user feedback platform for iOS and Android development teams.

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Continuous deployment & instant delivery

Choose to deploy your app with every build, or on a schedule that works for you and your team — no review process needed. For iOS developers, the headaches of dealing with code signing, provisioning profiles and testers’ devices are over. Beta testers and stakeholders get a streamlined, "one click" install experience as buddybuild manages provisioning profiles and devices for you. Then, when you’re ready, use buddybuild to submit directly to the App Store and Play Store.

Continuous integration that just works

With every git push to GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab or your preferred git server, buddybuild will: Create a secure build environment; Trigger a build of your iOS or Android app; Run any Unit or UI tests — on physical devices if needed; Prepare your app for beta testing or deployment to the App Store / Play Store.

Perfect insight into users’ issues

The buddybuild SDK unlocks a suite of features designed to give you crystal clear insight into users’ interactions with your app.

Get started faster than it takes to order a coffee.

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