Manage App Access

There are two ways to invite team members to collaborate on your app in buddybuild!

Option 1: Automatic team member access with GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab

If you have signed up for buddybuild with GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab, buddybuild automatically allows repository collaborators access to your app! These members simply need to sign up with buddybuild, and they will automatically see the app.

First, select App Settings in the global navigation.

The Builds screen

In the left navigation, select Manage collaborators.

The Manage collaborators button

You will find team members who have automatic collaborator access to your app under Synchronized from your repository.

Select Manage their access in GitHub (or Bitbucket or GitLab) to manage access for these collaborators.

The Manage collaborators screen

App Access Roles

To change a team member’s access level, simply specify whether they should have 'Full Access' or 'Read-Only Access' through the Access dropdown by the name of each collaborator.

Using the access dropdown menu for a specific collaborator


Read only vs. Full Access

Members with Read-Only Access are able to view the buddybuild dashboard, click through build history, download and install builds, sort user feedback and draw insights from crash reports. They cannot make any changes to buddybuild’s SDK settings, integrations, notifications, or perform any app management (such as renaming or deleting the app). They aren’t able to deploy builds, upload to the App Store, or open/close user feedback or crash reports.

Members with ‘Full Access’ in the buddybuild dashboard have complete control over the app, including all of the app settings, kicking off or scheduling builds, managing deployment groups and changing app and build configurations.

Regardless of their access level, all users have the ability to manage their user profiles as well as their organization’s plan and billing information.

Option 2: Invite team members through buddybuild

If you have onboarded your app with buddybuild through SSH, or if you would like to invite someone who is not a repository collaborator in GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab, you can manually invite them through buddybuild.

Under Manually invited through buddybuild, invite one or more team members by entering their email addresses.

Manually inviting additional collaborators

Next to the email addresses, specify whether they should have 'Full Access' or 'Read-Only Access' through the Access dropdown and click Add when you’re done.

Adjusting the access for new collaborators

Invited team members will receive an email invite to your app. From there, they can accept the invite and join the project.

The collaboration invitation email

Invitees who do not have an account in buddybuild will be prompted to create one. When that process is complete, the specific team member will be able to access your app in buddybuild!

The list of manually invited collaborators

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