Change your plan

If you’d like to change the number of concurrent builds, limits on feedback and instant replays, or any other features, you can do so easily by changing the plan associated with each organization.

Let’s get started!

Hover over your avatar and click Billing & Plans.

Billings and Plans   Menu.png

In the left navigation, locate the organization for which you’d like to change plans for, and select Manage Plan.

Billings and Plans   Change plan   1.png

Under your current plan details, click on Change Plan.

Billings and Plans   Change plan   2.png

Next, select the new plan that you would like to change to. If you have any questions about our plans, or would like to inquire about a custom plan, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


When does my plan change take effect?

If you are upgrading to a higher tier, you will have access to the new features and limits effective immediately.

If you are downgrading to a lower tier, the plan change will take effect at the end of your billing cycle. This means you get to enjoy the benefits of your higher tiered plan for a little longer!

Billings and Plans   Change plan   3.png

Next, confirm your payment summary and hit Pay Now.

Billings and Plans   Change plan   4.png

That’s it! You’ve now updated your organization’s plan!

Billings and Plans   Change plan   5.png

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