Transfer apps between organizations

Apps that are associated with an organization consume the features and limits of the plan which it is on. To transfer apps between organizations, follow along below!

  1. Log in to the buddybuild dashboard.

  2. Select Manage Org in the avatar dropdown Move your mouse pointer over your avatar in the top right corner. A dropdown menu appears.

  3. Select Manage Org. The Manage Organization screen appears:

    The Manage Organization screen

  4. The current organization In the left navigation, a dropdown menu exists with the current organization selected. Click the dropdown menu to list all of the organizations that you currently belong to.

  5. Select the organization that is associated with the app you wish to transfer.

  6. In the Apps in this org section, find the app you wish to transfer. Then click the Switch orgs link associated with the app you wish to transfer.

    The Apps in this org section


    If you have many apps listed, enter the app name (or portion thereof) in the Filter by app name field, which causes only matching apps to be displayed.

    The Switch Organizations screen is displayed:

    The Switch Organizations screen

  7. Use the dropdown menu to select the organization which should receive the app.

  8. Click the Save button. The Manage Organization screen is displayed, and the Apps in the org section displays a banner indicating the success of the transfer:

    The Apps in this org section with transfer success banner

Your transferred app starts consuming the resources of the new organization immediately!

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