Build Details and Logs

Which commit got built? Who pushed? How long did the build take? Which scheme was built? Which provisioning profile did we use? How big is the IPA file?

All are questions that can be answered by the Build Details page. From the builds table, simply click on any particular build to open up the Build Details page.

Here you’ll find information about your build spread across the sections below.

  • Build Status

  • Commit Info

  • Build Inputs

  • Code Signing and Versioning

  • Build Artifacts

The build details screen

Build Logs

Want to see exactly what happened during a build? Buddybuild shows live build logs as they happen. Simply open a build from the builds page to see its build log output.

The build details screen, with the Logs tab selected

The log is useful for debugging issues with your build. We automatically parse out the relevant information in each build step.

You also have the option to download the build logs in plain text if you want to analyze them yourself. Simply click on the Download logs button to do so.

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