Carthage is a fantastic way to manage dependencies.

In order to guarantee repeatability in builds — we recommend you check in both your Cartfile and Cartfile.resolved files into your source control.


When Carthage downloads dependencies, they appear in the Carthage directory. If you commit this directory to your repository, buddybuild does not run the carthage command because it assumes that you have taken responsibility for managing the Carthage dependencies.

Carthage version

You can set the Carthage version that is used on every build in your App Settings or in your branch settings.

The Default build configuration screen

Running a custom Carthage command

If the predefined Carthage command doesn’t work for you, buddybuild lets you use your own. To achieve that, create a file with your custom command at the root of your project.


carthage bootstrap --platform ios,tvOS --use-ssh --no-build

Buddybuild automatically runs this script instead of the regular Carthage command if it’s present in your repository.

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