CocoaPods are a fantastic way to manage dependencies. In buddybuild your CocoaPods dependencies are automatically detected, downloaded, and installed during the build process. You do not need to make any configuration changes or install a buddybuild specific setup script.


In order to guarantee repeatability in builds we recommend you check in your Podfile.lock file into source control. The Podfile.lock essentially freezes CocoaPods dependency tree versions so you’ll have no nasty surprises when third party dependencies automatically update.

CocoaPods version

Buddybuild reads and switches to the Cocoapods version specified in your Podfile.lock file (the COCOAPODS field). When you run pod install on your local computer, the Podfile.lock file is updated with the CocoaPods version that you are using locally.

If you change the CocoaPods version, simply commit the Podfile.lock file and buddybuild will pickup the changed version on the next build.

Minimum CocoaPods Version

We do not officially support cocoapods versions less than 1.0.0. The cocoapods community has upgraded the minimum cocoapods version supported in their master specs repo to 1.0.0 and, as a result, we’re following suit.

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