Builds FAQ

This section provides answers to frequently-asked build questions. See the Troubleshooting section for solutions to a variety of build problems.

How do I build a specific commit?

  • Create a branch pointing to the specific commit. Then use the REST API to trigger a build for that branch.

  • Push a tag that includes the desired commit.

  • Click the Rebuild button for a previous build of the commit.

How do I delete the history of builds from an old branch?

While buddybuild tracks the history and feedback for all builds, you can make builds for old branches less visible:

  • Delete the branch if you no longer need it. When you have deleted branches, a deleted branches link appears at the bottom of the Builds page in the Dashboard; click that link to view the builds for deleted branches.

  • Create additional branches; new branches push old branches out of view on the Builds page.

How do I configure the timezone in the build VM?

In the script, add the following line (depending on the type of build):

sudo systemsetup -settimezone America/Toronto

See the List of tz database time zones for an appropriate timezone name for your location.

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