Cordova / Ionic Setup

Buddybuild natively supports Cordova / Ionic apps.

There are three steps to make sure that your Cordova / Ionic project is ready to onboard onto buddybuild.

  1. The config.xml file is checked into your repository

  2. The package.json file is checked into your repository

  3. The www directory is checked into your repository

After you’ve confirmed that both of those conditions have been met, you’re ready to add them to buddybuild!

You need to add each platform as a separate app in buddybuild.

Does your app require custom tasks?

If you have custom tasks (i.e gulp, webpack) that are required to correctly configure or setup your Cordova / Ionic application, the recommended solution is to add a postinstall step to your package.json file.

  "scripts" : {
    "postinstall" : "gulp sass build --force-build"

There’s also a hook to do any further configuration in the midst of us running our Cordova workflow. By adding a script, you can perform arbitrary operations, such as gulp tasks etc., before we start adding your platform and generating resources.

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