Scheduling Builds

Scheduled recurring builds let you kick off a new build for a branch on a set schedule. This is great when you need a new build at specific times but might not want to kick off automatic builds on every commit.

Create A Recurring Build

Go to the Builds page of your app and click the blue gear icon of the branch for which you’d like a recurring build. This will bring up the Branch Configurations window for that branch.

The buddybuild dashboard, clicking the settings icon for a specific branch

In that window, toggle the switch in the Schedule builds section to enable scheduled builds.

The Schedule builds toggle

In the popup that appears, choose the time and days of week to automatically kick off a new build for your branch. To edit an existing build schedule, just click the existing time (highlighted in blue).

The Schedule builds option, with the schedule dropdown open

That’s it! From now on, you’ll always have a fresh build waiting exactly when you need it!

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