Secure files

Secure files allow you to specify API keys, access tokens, or other secrets that your build requires, without having them checked into your repository.

Secure files are made available during a build to any process that can use them, including custom build steps.

Step 1: Upload a Secure File to buddybuild

Launch the buddybuild dashboard and select App Settings.

The buddybuild dashboard

In the left navigation, select Build settings, then Secure files.

The Secure files button

Select the file you would like to upload and select Upload file. Note that files are limited to a maximum of 50 MiB.

The Secure files screen

Your file is now ready to be consumed by your app.

Step 2: Consume the secure file in your build

Your secure files are automatically consumed by tools that are expecting them.

2a. Consume in your custom build scripts.

If you would like to access them in your custom build scripts, use the bash variable expansion syntax.

./Example.framework/run ${BUDDYBUILD_SECURE_FILES}/file.txt

2b. Consume in Android build.gradle file.

If you are building an Android app with Gradle (Android Studio), you can also access them 2 ways inside your build.gradle file.

You can access them via System.getenv(), like this:

signing.secretKeyRingFile= new File(System.getenv("BUDDYBUILD_SECURE_FILES") + "/secring.gpg")

That’s it! For more details, refer to our SDK API guide.

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