Build settings for all apps

Each of the available build settings are app-specific. This section describes how you can specify build settings that automatically apply to new apps, or that can be applied to any applications that already exist within an organization.

Some build settings cannot be applied in bulk. If you do not find a specific setting listed in the build settings for all apps, you need to configure that setting for each individual app.

This page contains the following sub-sections:

How to access builds settings for all apps

  1. Log in to the buddybuild dashboard.

  2. Select Manage Org in the avatar dropdown Move your mouse pointer over your avatar in the top right corner. A dropdown menu appears.

  3. Select Manage Org. The Manage Organization screen appears:

    The Manage Organization screen

  4. The current organization In the left navigation, a dropdown menu exists with the current organization selected. Click the dropdown menu to list all of the organizations that you currently belong to.

  5. Select the organization that requires a change to the build settings.

  6. Settings for all apps On the left side of screen, find the Settings for all apps links. Click Builds. The Build Configurations screen is displayed:

    The Build Configurations screen

  7. Make adjustments as necessary to the build settings for all apps.

    • The Build tab Settings that enable or disable build features appear in the Build tab.

    • The Environment tab Settings that apply throughout the build’s execution appear in the Environment tab.

      The Environment settings screen

How to apply build settings for all apps

Once builds settings for all apps are defined, they automatically apply to any new applications that are added to buddybuild.

To apply any specific setting to already-configured applications:

  1. The magic wand button Click the magic wand button beside the setting you want to apply to one or more applications. A drop-down menu appears:

    The magic wand’s dropdown menu

  2. Select one of the options from the dropdown menu:

    • Apply to all existing apps: applies the associated setting to all applications connected to the current organization.

    • Select apps to apply to…​: lets you choose which apps should receive the new setting. When you choose this item, the Select apps screen is displayed:

      The Select apps screen

      Use the search field to show only matching apps.

      The Add button When you hover your pointer over an app, an Add button appears. Click the Add button. The app is added to the list of apps to which the new setting should apply. The list appears as highlighted items within the input field:

      Selected apps

      Once the list of apps includes every app to which the new setting should be applied, click the Apply button. The setting is applied to all of the selected apps, and the Setting applied screen is displayed:

      The Setting applied screen

      Click the Done button to return to the Build configurations screen.

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