Skipping a Build

If you don’t want to build a particular commit just add [ci skip] to the commit message.

git commit --message='[ci skip] Fix typo in README'

A build will not be created if buddybuild finds [ci skip] anywhere in the commit message of the head commit. You can use the Build Now button on the Builds page to build the tip of a branch if you decide that you want to run the build after all!


Do you want to avoid builds when select files are committed? Check out Selective builds.

Skipping all pull request builds

If you don’t want to build any builds associated with a pull request, then add [ci skip] to the pull request title. This is more convenient than adding [ci skip] to every commit in the pull request.


The order and case of the keywords is not important, meaning that you can also say [CI SKIP], [skip ci], [skip CI] and so on.

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