Status Badges

Show up-to-date build status with a buddybuild badge in your repository’s file. The badge also acts as a quick shortcut to navigate between the repo and buddybuild.

A status badge displayed in a GitHub project

The process for adding the badge is simple. Buddybuild automatically generates markdown code for your app. Simply copy+paste this markdown to your

Step 1: Open Status Badge Generator

Start by clicking on App Settings.

The buddybuild dashboard

In the left navigation, select Build settings, then Build Status Badges.

The Build status badges button

Step 2: Add badge to

Status badges are specific to branches. Typically, you want to display your default branch status in your repository. Select the specific branch you would like to use.

Buddybuild will generate markdown for you.

The Build status badges page

Simply copy and paste the generated Markdown into your file — ideally at the very top.

That’s it! You’re good to go! Try clicking on the badge and see what happens! The build status page for your app is publicly accessible if your Repo is publicly accessible.

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