Create a private key and setup permissions

To deploy builds to Google Play, the first step is to create a Private Key (.JSON) and setup the appropriate permissions from the Google Play Developer Console.

Lets get started!

Open the Google Play Developers Console, and Log In with your email and password.

Next, select Settings from the left menu.

Google Play 1.jpg

Select API access.

Google Play 2.jpg

Next, select Create Service Account.

Google Play 3.jpg

In the modal that pops up, select Google API Console.

Google Play 4.jpg

On the next page, select the Create credentials dropdown, and then Service account key.

Google Play 5a.jpg

Select the Service account dropdown and select New service account.

Google Play 6.jpg

Next, fill in the name field.

Google Play 7aa.jpg

Next select a role by first highlighting Project, then selecting Owner.

Google Play 7a.jpg

Ensure that JSON is selected and click Create.

Google Play 7b.jpg

Next, a popup will appear letting you know that the Service account has been created.


Note: at this point the JSON file has been downloaded to your computer

This will be the JSON file that needs to be uploaded to buddybuild in the next step.

Next, select Close.

Google Play 8.jpg

Head back to the Google Play Developers Console. The page will update with the new service account you created.

Scroll down to the Service Accounts section, look for the unique Service Account ID, and select Grant.

Google Play 9.jpg

Ensure that Release manager is selected from the role dropdown, then select Add user.

Google Play 10.jpg

That’s it for step 1! The next step is setting up buddybuild to automatically deploy to Google Play.

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