Deploying manually to Google Play

With buddybuild, you have the ability to manually deploy to Google Play.

If you have already completed the pre-requisite steps, follow along below to manually deploy to Google Play!

Log in to buddybuild and head over to the Builds page by selecting Builds in the global navigation menu.

Next, click on the successful build you want to deploy.

Builds   Android   Point   Details.png

Navigate to the Google Play tab and click select a file. Locate and upload the Google Private Key (.JSON file) that was automatically downloaded when you created a Service Account.

Click Connect with Google Play.

Builds   Details   Google Play   JSON.png

Once the Google Private Key (.JSON) file has been uploaded successfully, you’ll see a success message.

Next, select the variant dropdown and select the variant you want to upload to Google Play.

Builds   Details   Google Play   Variant.png

A Version Name and Version Code will be automatically filled in for you. You may choose to give your build a unique Version Name and Version Code, or choose to leave the default values.

Builds   Details   Google Play   Version.png

Next, select either the Production, Beta Testing or Alpha Testing track that you want to deploy to Google Play.


Buddybuild SDK

If you have the buddybuild SDK installed, at this point you will be able to select which SDK features to include in the build that you are uploading to Google Play.

Builds   Details   Google Play   Track SDK.png

Next, select Upload to the Google Play Store.


Warning: Uploading apps that are currently live in the Google Play Store

If your app is currently live in the Google Play Store, uploading to the Production Track will automatically publish your app and make it live.

Uploading to the Beta Testing or Alpha Testing Track will automatically make your app available to your specified testers from the Google Play Developer Console.

Builds   Details   Google Play   Upload.png

If your app has not previously been published to the Google Play Store, head over to the Google Play Developer Console to complete the deployment process.

Builds   Details   Google Play   Upload Success.png

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