Managing your KeyStores

If you wish to override the buddybuild-generated KeyStore during your build, you can upload your own. Buddybuild notices the uploaded KeyStore and uses it for code signing your App.


Release build keystores

Release builds — like the ones that eventually end up in the Play Store — must be code signed with a release KeyStore that is associated with a Developer. See KeyStore basics for details.


Verify the keystore

You can run keytool -list -keystore .keystore -alias foo to verify that the KeyStore alias and password matches.

Step 1: Upload a KeyStore from your development machine

Start by clicking on App Settings.

The buddybuild dashboard

Next, select Build settings, then APK signing keystores.

The APK signing keystores button

Locate the KeyStore on your local machine and upload it. It is typically a file with a .keystore or .jks extension. Enter your KeyStore password, alias and alias password.

The APK signing keystores screen

Once uploaded, you will see your keystore listed on the page.

The APK signing keystores, showing an uploaded keystore

Step 2: Assign the keystore to an application variant

Next, assign your keystore to an application variant. Buddybuild builds and signs the variant with the selected keystore.

The Application Variant configuration screen

That’s it! Buddybuild now uses your uploaded KeyStore for subsequent builds.

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