Automatic deployments

With buddybuild, you can precisely control who gets what build, by managing your testers and beta users with deployment groups. Automatically deploy to your groups - either per build or on a set schedule.

Step 1: Configure Deployment Schedule

To schedule automated deployments, first locate the group you would like to automatically deploy to, or create a new group if you prefer.

Deployments   create new group.png

Next, click on the first dropdown to reveal the deployment options. To automatically deploy to a group, select either each build, or scheduled.


Each build: automatically deploys to a group after each successful build
Scheduled: automatically deploys to a group at a specific time on selected days of the week.

Deployments   automatic   1.png

Step 2: Select Branch Targets

You can configure your deployment groups to receive builds from specific branches. For example, you might only want to push builds from the 'release' branch to the 'Product Managers' group.

First, click on the branch dropdown to reveal a list of branches. Select one or more branches that you would like to automatically deploy from.

Deployments   automatic   2.png

Next, select one or more schemes (iOS) or variants (Android) that you would like to deploy.


Note: Selecting Multiple Schemes / Variants:

Buddybuild displays all schemes and variants found across all branches. However, buddybuild will only deploy successfully when the scheme/variant exists within the building branch.

Deployments   automatic   3.png

That’s it! The next successful build, based on the criteria you set, will automatically be sent to the configured deployment group!

Curious about deploying manually? Click here to learn more!

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