Creating a Code Signing Identity

Sometimes you might need to regenerate your code signing identity : for example if someone hits fix it in Xcode (don’t do this!), or a code signing identity expires. These steps will show you how to quickly do that.

Create a certificate signing request

First prepare a certificate signing request that you will later upload to Apple’s Developer Portal.

Open 'Keychain Access' then select Keychain Access → Certificate Assistant → Request a Certificate from a Certificate Authority.

The Keychain application, with Certificate Information screen displayed

Save the certificate signing request to somewhere like your Desktop.

Generate the new certificate

Go to and log into the team you want the certificate to belong to. Navigate to certificates on the left hand menu

You will see something like this. Hit the add button to get started adding a new one.

The Apple Developer Portal, with iOS Certificates screen displayed

There are two types of certificates relevant to Code Signing

  • iOS App Development

  • App Store and Adhoc

If you’re just doing local development and want to be able to debug then iOS App Development is the right type for you. For the App Store, Test Flight and buddybuild, App Store and Adhoc is the best choice.

The Add iOS Certificate screen, with Choosing the type of certificate to generate displayed

Once you’ve selected, you can upload the certificate signing request we created earlier

The Add iOS Certificate screen, with Generate your certificate displayed

When this is completed, download it, and then double-click on the file which will import it into your keychain. You’re all set up to code sign locally now, but there’s one more step to share that with buddybuild.

Add the new code signing identity to buddybuild

Open Keychain and look for the certificate you just created (it will have today’s date to make it easier to find).

Also, make sure you have the Certificates category selected to make it easier to find.

The certificate categories in Keychain

Then right click on it and chose export and save the .p12 file somewhere.

The right-click menu for a certificate

Now go over to the buddybuild dashboard and click on App Settings.

The buddybuild dashboard

In the left navigation, click on Build settings, then Code signing.

The Code signing button

Next, click on Upload new certificates.

The Upload new certificates button

Select the Manual Way tab, and upload your code signing identity.

The Upload certificates and provisioning profiles screen

You should be all set with your new code signing identity. You may have to generate new provisioning profiles too. The easiest way to do this is to connect buddybuild to your Apple Developer account and buddybuild will manage the provisioning profiles for you.

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