Release Notes

Notify users of recent changes in your app with release notes. They can be used to as a change log for your app’s latest features, or to notify testers which specific areas they should target for feedback.

In buddybuild, release notes can be entered in two ways:

Option 1: In the buddybuild dashboard

Within the buddybuild dashboard, select the build you’d like to publish release notes for and enter them under the 'Deploy' tab of the build details.

Builds   Deploy Manually   1.png

Option 2: The text file within your repository

You can also add release notes by creating and checking in a file called buddybuild_release_notes.txt in the root of your repository. Buddybuild will automatically use the content included in this file to build release notes.



If you don’t specify a focus message, buddybuild will automatically use the commit message of your last commit as your next deployment’s release notes!

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