Uploading Certificates Manually

Step 1: Find and Export Your Code Signing Identity

Open the Keychain Access.app and select Certificates from the sidebar.

p12 instructions step 1.png

Click your certificate to expose your Private Key.

p12 instructions step 2.png

Choose File > Export Items… and save your Private Key to a location of your choice.

p12 instructions step 3.png

Create a password for your exported .p12 file. You’ll need to add this password in buddybuild.

p12 instructions step 4.png

Go back to buddybuild. Upload your .p12 file and enter the password you created above.

Onboarding   manual certs.png

Step 2: Upload Provisioning Profiles

Your provisioning profiles can be found either on your development machine or can be downloaded directly from Apple.

On your development machine, navigate to the following path to find your provisioning profiles.

~/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles

To open this path, open Finder, and select Go → Go to Folder from the menu bar. Paste in the above path to open the folder containing your Provisioning Profiles.

Screenshot 2015 11 06 17.53.25.png

Upload the appropriate Provisioning Profiles to buddybuild.

Alternatively, you can also download your Provisioning Profiles directly from Apple. Navigate to the developer Portals' Provisioning Profile page. Follow the link here.

Screenshot 2015 11 06 17.57.28.png

Download the appropriate profile and then upload it to buddybuild.

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