Using an Apple Account with Two-Factor Authentication

Connecting your Apple Developer Portal account to buddybuild allows you to:

In order to enable this integration, buddybuild will require your Apple Developer Portal credentials. If you’re using two factor authentication for your Apple Developer Account, follow this guide to connect your account:

Get started by clicking on App Settings.

Builds   Settings.png

In the left navigation, select Integrations, then Apple Developer Portal.

Settings   Apple Developer   menu.png

Next, select Connect New Apple Account.

Settings   Apple Developer.png

Enter your Apple ID and password, then select Store Credentials.

Settings   Apple Developer   credentials.png

App-Specific Password

Since your iTunes Connect account is protected by Two-Factor Authentication or Two-Step Verification, you will now receive a verification code on your device, which you will need to enter in buddybuild.

Settings   Apple Developer   2FA.png

You also need to enter an App-Specific Password before deploying your app to iTunes Connect. Here’s how to create an App-Specific Password:

Log in to your Apple ID account. In the Security section, under App-Specific Passwords, click on Generate Password.

Settings   Apple Developer   apple account.png

Label the password and click Create.

Settings   Apple Developer   generate password.png

Copy the resulting password.

Settings   Apple Developer   app specific password.png

Paste the password into buddybuild and click Continue.

Settings   Apple Developer   app specific password field.png

You can now deploy your app to iTunes Connect using the app-specific password you just generated.

Re-authenticating your Apple Account

The verification codes Apple provides for Two-Factor Authentication and Two-Step Verification are valid for 30 days. You will need to provide a new code every 30 days to continue using your Apple account in buddybuild.

Buddybuild will send you an email before the code expires to remind you to re-authenticate. You will also be reminded to re-authenticate in the buddybuild dashboard.

Settings   Apple Developer   2FA prompt.png

Here’s how to re-authenticate your Apple account:

  • Click on the email link or on warning banner from the dashboard. A new verification code will be sent to your device

  • Enter the new code in the dashboard

Settings   Apple Developer   2FA reenter.png

That’s it! You’re Apple Account is now connected to buddybuild. You will be notified when it’s time to re-authenticate!

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