JIRA is a powerful issues and project tracker used by a lot of agile teams. Buddybuild can be configured to automatically open a JIRA issue for each piece of feedback and crash report you receive on your app.


How to grant permissions for the API?

You can read more about it here: OAuth security for application links

Start by launching the buddybuild dashboard and clicking on App Settings.

The buddybuild dashboard

In the left navigation, select Integrations, then JIRA Issues.

The JIRA Issues button

Enter your JIRA base URL in the specified field. Take note of your Consumer key, Public key and Consumer callback URL, as you’ll need it for the next step.

The Connect your JIRA account screen

Edit your JIRA application configuration

Open JIRA in a new tab. Click on the Settings icon and select Applications.

The Administration dropdown menu in JIRA

In the left navigation, click on Application links. Next, copy the dashboard URL below into the Application URL field and click on Create New Link.


What if I have multiple JIRA integrations with buddybuild?

You can append your app id to the URL, e.g.:


The Configure Application Links screen in JIRA

Click Continue

Ignore the warning and click Continue.

The Configure Application URL dialog in JIRA

Enter app name and continue

Use buddybuild as the Application Name. A new Application Link will be created.

The Application configuration dialog in JIRA

Edit the newly created application link.

The Configure Application Links screen in JIRA

Configure the incoming authentication

Navigate to the Incoming Authentication Section.

The Configure application dialog in JIRA

Paste in your keys and callback URL

Buddybuild generates your Public Key, your Consumer Key, and the Consumer callback URL. Navigate to buddybuild, copy the above items from the JIRA Issues settings page and paste them into your JIRA Application.

Use buddybuild as the consumer name.

The Configure application dialog in JIRA, with details filled in

Navigate back to buddybuild and click Connect

Now that you have JIRA configured, head back over to buddybuild and click on Connect JIRA account.

The Connect your JIRA account screen in buddybuild

Authorize buddybuild to connect to your JIRA

Click on the Allow button.

The JIRA application authorization screen

Select your JIRA project and issue type

Next, configure JIRA for Feedback and Crash Reports. You can automatically create issues, and set the default project, type and reporter for new issues.


Permission to modify reporter

By default, users without administrator privileges cannot modify the reporter when creating an issue. If you want to use another reporter, please make sure that the JIRA account you used on buddybuild has the permission to do so — if not, you can let the JIRA board administrator set the permission for you in project settings.

The JIRA Issues screen

That’s it! Buddybuild is now connected to your JIRA. We automatically create an issue for every piece of feedback you receive.


Buddybuild sends user feedback to JIRA as Markdown-formatted content, which requires the Wiki Style Renderer. If you see Markdown markup in buddybuild-initiated issues, please ask your JIRA administrator to enable the Wiki Style Renderer.

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