Slack is revolutionizing the way teams communicate. Buddybuild offers first-class integration with Slack. Be notified of build status, feedback submissions and crash reports directly in the channels you use.

Let’s get started by launching the buddybuild dashboard and click the App Settings button.

Builds   Settings.png

Select Slack in the left panel.

Slack   1.png

Click on Connect.

Slack   2.png

You will now be prompted to authorize buddybuild use your Slack account. Click on Authorize.

Note: If you are not signed into your Slack account, you will be asked to enter your Slack credentials.

Slack   3.png

Click on Add New Channel.

Slack   3.png

In the Channel field, select the channel you’d like buddybuild to send notifications to from the drop-down list. Next, select the types of notification events buddybuild should send to this Slack channel.

Slack   4.png

You can also configure multiple Slack channels by clicking Add New Channel.

Slack   5.png

That’s it! Your Slack account is now connected to buddybuild.

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