Auto Versioning


Buddybuild can update the VersionCode automatically for you. The process is done on the fly, does not require write access to the repo, and no changes will be committed back to the repo.

All you need to do is to turn on Auto-Versioning in the settings.

Settings   Auto versioning   Android.png


The best practice is to update VersionName in the build.gradle, and Buddybuild will simply respect that. Here is a quick example to change the VersionName to git tag:

 * Gets the version name from the latest Git tag
def getVersionName = { ->
    def stdout = new ByteArrayOutputStream()
    exec {
        commandLine 'git', 'describe', '--tags'
        standardOutput = stdout
    return stdout.toString().trim()


android {
    buildTypes {
        debug {
            versionName getVersionName()

You also have access to the environment variables listed here: Custom Build Steps

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