Integrate the buddybuild SDK for Android

About the buddybuild SDK

The buddybuild SDK is a lightweight yet powerful suite of tools that integrates seamlessly into your application. The SDK includes a graphical feedback reporter, a crash reporting and analysis tool, automatic app updating and usage tracking. The SDK is regularly updated with new features.

The buddybuild SDK is available for both iOS and Android platforms and enables the following features:


What’s the minimum API version supported?


What version of the Android SDK does buddybuild target?


Example build.gradle configuration:

android {
    compileSdkVersion 21
    buildToolsVersion '21.1.2'

    defaultConfig {
        minSdkVersion 19
        targetSdkVersion 21

Feedback Reporter

With buddybuild, you simply shake the device to share feedback. Our feedback reporter sends graphically annotated screenshots, feedback notes and device metadata to your team. Integrate with GitHub, JIRA and Pivotal Tracker to track feedback as issues. Learn more.

Automatic Update

Receiving feedback on old builds is pointless - you’ve probably already fixed the issue you’ve received feedback on! It is crucial to keep your testers and beta users updated on the very latest builds. If a newer build is available, the buddybuild SDK can automatically prompt to install the latest version of your app. Learn more.

Usage Tracking

Know when your testers download and launch your app in real time. Identify who tested your app, when they launched it and what version they tested. Correlate this with feedback and crash reports to understand your customers' experience. Learn more.


Can I turn off the SDK features for Android in production?

By default, all SDK features are turned off when you deploy to Google Play. You have control over which features to enable when deploying to your testers via email.

However, this is only true when you deploy from buddybuild. If you download the .apk file and manually deploy it to Google Play, any enabled SDK features remain active in that version.

How to install

Enabling the buddybuild Android SDK requires no code changes. Enabling the SDK is as simple as clicking a button.

Step 1: Configure SDK Installation

On your App’s page, under the Feedback tab, click on the Try the buddybuild SDK button.

The screen asking you to install the SDK

Step 2: Enable the SDK

Enable the SDK in whatever branch you’d like. Typically, the SDK will be used by your testers, so you’ll want to enable the SDK on the branches that deploy to your testers.

The Install the SDK screen

That’s it! A new build is kicked off with the SDK enabled. Install this build on your device. Open your app and shake your device. See what happens!

You’re all set now to deploy your app broadly to all your testers and to receive graphically annotated feedback from them!

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