Invite testers to try your Android app

This section is for Android apps. If your app is an iOS app, skip this section and see Invite testers to try your iOS app.

Now that we have a green build of your app, the next step is to deploy it to your testers:

  1. Log in to the buddybuild dashboard. The list of builds is displayed:

    The list of builds

  2. The Deployments button Click the Deployments button in the top navigation bar. The Deployments screen is displayed:

    The Deployments screen

    The screen shows the initial deployment group that buddybuild created for you, called The Team, and your email address is included as a member of the deployment group.

  3. Specify the deployment options:

    1. The Frequency select menu Frequency

      Click the Frequency select menu, to choose between:

      • Each build
        Every time your repository for your app is updated with a new commit, buddybuild starts a new build.

      • The Frequency select menu, with Scheduled selected Scheduled
        Builds occur each day that you select, at the specified time (with timezone).

      • Manually
        Builds only occur when you trigger them by clicking the Build now button in the dashboard.

    2. The From Branch select menu From Branch

      Click the From Branch select menu to choose a branch to build and deploy.

    3. The With Variants select menu With Variants

      Click the With Variants select menu to choose one or more variants to build and deploy.

  4. Specify the email addresses of the testers that should belong to this deployment group.

    Click the Add a new email field, and enter one or more email addresses (separated by commas), then press Return.

    The Trashcan button If you need to remove an email address from the deployment group, click the trashcan button to the right of the email address to be removed.

  5. The New email group button If you need to vary the schedule, branch, or variant among groups of users, click the New email group button to create a new deployment group.

    The Pencil icon To edit the name of a deployment group, click the pencil button and edit the group’s name as required.

Once you’re done configuring your groups, your testers receive an email notification when a build matching the deployment group settings succeeds. You can click the Build now button in the dashboard to build and deploy your app right away.


Wondering what your testers receive?

Follow the Tester’s Manual to see their experience.

That’s it! Now that we have device builds going out to your testers, you’ll now want a way to solicit feedback from them.

Next, you may want to auto-version builds, specify build variants, or enable tests.

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