Selecting an App

Now that we’ve connected with your Source Control account, you’ll need to point to the Repo containing your Android App.

Sign up with buddybuild if you haven’t done so already.

After signing up, buddybuild will present you with a list of repositories you have access to. Simply choose the one you want to build.

First Build   Select Repo.png

Buddybuild will pull down your source code and analyze the repo for apps.

If we find multiple Apps, you’ll be prompted to select one. If you have a single app, it’ll be automatically detected and buddybuild will kick off a build!

First Build   Preparing to Build.png

The build should finish in a few seconds. Next, click on Go to the Dashboard.

First Build   Build success Android.png

That’s it! You’ve built your app with buddybuild. You will receive an email containing a link to install the build of your App. Open this email on your phone to try out the build you’ve just created.

See how easy that was? There is just one more simple step — Integrating the buddybuild SDK into your app.

Onboarding   Android Successful Build.png

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