Auto-version builds


CFBundleVersion specifies the build version number of the bundle, which identifies an iteration of your app.

Buddybuild can update the CFBundleVersion automatically for you. The process is done on the fly, does not require write access to the repo, and no changes will be committed back to the repo.

All you need to do is to turn on "Auto-Versioning" in the settings and choose the desired format.


The CFBundleVersion format

The CFBundleVersion should be a string comprised of three non-negative, period-separated integers with the first integer being greater than zero. The string should only contain numeric (0-9) and period (.) characters. Leading zeros are truncated from each integer and will be ignored (that is, 1.02.3 is equivalent to 1.2.3).

The Auto-versioning screen

Build number

Every buddybuild build has its own unique build number. Buddybuild allows you to choose the build number for the next build. Subsequent builds are incremented by 1.

This is can be helpful when you start a new release cycle or sprint. For example, if you start working on major version of your app (let’s say 2.0), you can set the build numbers to start at 200000 for this release cycle.

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