Signing up with GitLab

First things first! Let’s sign up with buddybuild.

Signing up with buddybuild via GitLab allows buddybuild to access your apps' source code. Buddybuild associates with your repository, and builds your app every time a commit is pushed by you or your team — ensuring that you always have a green build that you can deploy to your testers.


Using Beanstalk, Gitolite, TFS or any other git server?

Follow the instructions here to get started.


Buddybuild rejects connecting to repositories via HTTPS that are provisioned with self-signed certificates.

Using a self-signed certificate could make it possible for someone to spoof your repository and inject malicious code into your builds.

Step 1: Signing up with an existing service

Let’s get started by visiting the Sign up page.

Simply click on the GitLab button to sign up with your credentials.

The Signup screen

Step 2: Enter Credentials

Enter your GitLab credentials and click Sign in.

The GitLab Sign in screen

Step 3: Grant buddybuild access to your GitLab account by clicking Authorize

The GitLab authorization screen

That’s it! You’re now connected to buddybuild!

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