Disconnect single sign-on (SSO) provider

If you want to stop using SSO, you need to disconnect the connection to the identity provider (IDP). You can make SSO logins non-functional by disabling or deleting the application in the IDP interface, but buddybuild would not allow your users to login (it would try and fail to authenticate with the IDP).

To disconnect the SSO connection:

  1. Log in to the buddybuild dashboard.

  2. Select Manage Org in the avatar dropdown Move your mouse pointer over your avatar in the top right corner. A dropdown menu appears.

  3. Select Manage Org. The Manage Organization screen appears:

    The Manage Organization screen

  4. The current organization In the left navigation, a dropdown menu exists with the current organization selected. Click the dropdown menu to list all of the organizations that you currently belong to.

  5. Select the organization that needs SSO configuration.

  6. The Organization Settings panel On the left side of the screen, find the Organization Settings links. Click Single sign-on (SSO). The SSO settings screen is displayed:

    The SSO settings screen

  7. The Identity provider connection tab Click the Identity provider connection tab. The Identity provider connection screen is displayed:

    The Identity provider connection screen

  8. The Disconnect SSO provider button Click the Disconnect SSO provider button. The Disconnect SSO provider dialog is displayed:

    The Disconnect SSO Provider dialog

  9. The Yes, disconnect SSO provider button Click the Yes, disconnect SSO provider button to confirm that you want to disconnect the connection to your IDP.


    When you disconnect the SSO connection, all users connected with SSO logins are immediately disconnected, and their SSO logins no longer work.

That’s it!

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