Select an iOS app from the repository

Now that we’ve connected with to your source control system, you’ll need to select the repository containing your iOS App.

Sign up with buddybuild if you haven’t done so already.

After signing up, buddybuild presents you with a list of repositories you have access to. Simply choose the one you want to build.


One target per app

Each buddybuild app maps to a single target in your Xcode project. You’ll need to follow this process for each target you’d like to build.

The Choose a repository to build screen

Buddybuild pulls down your source code and analyzes the repo for apps.

If we find multiple Apps, you’ll be prompted to select one. If you have a single app, it’ll be automatically detected and buddybuild will kick off a build!

The Preparing to build your app…​ screen

Once the build is finished, Go to the Dashboard.

The build success screen

That’s it! You’ve just created a build of your app in buddybuild. Proceed to the next step to invite testers to try your app.

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