Select a repository and app to build

Now that we’ve connected with your source control account, you need to select the repository containing your app.

  1. Sign up with buddybuild if you haven’t done so already.

  2. Once you have connected buddybuild to your source code provider, the Add an app screen appears:

    The Add an app screen

  3. Select a repository containing the app you want buddybuild to build by clicking the circle to the left of the repository name. The repository becomes highlighted:

    A selected app is highlighted

    If multiple apps exist in your repository, you need to select which one to build; each platform (iOS, tvOS, watchOS) and build target must be added to buddybuild as a separate app. If you have a single app, it is automatically detected and buddybuild kick offs a build.

  4. The Add app button Click the Add app button. The Preparing to build your app…​ screen appears:

    The Preparing to build your app…​ screen, securing a build environment

    Once the build environment has been secured, buddybuild retrieves your source code:

    The Preparing to build your app…​ screen, retrieving your source code

    Once your source code has been retrieved, buddybuild analyzes your source code to determine the optimal settings for the build:

    The Preparing to build your app…​  screen, scanning your source code

    Once the analysis completes, buddybuild starts to build your app:

    Creating a build of your app screen

    Finally, when the build is complete, the build completion screen is displayed:

    The build success screen

    Buddybuild also sends you an email to let you know about the build status:

    The build status email message

    When you open the email message on your mobile device, tapping the Take me to the build button initiates installation of the app.

That’s it! You’ve built your app with buddybuild. See how easy that was? There is just one more simple step — integrate the buddybuild SDK into your app.

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