Signing up with SSH

If your repository lives in Beanstalk or your own source control system, you can sign up with buddybuild using SSH. Buddybuild will automatically generate a secure SSH key for you to install into your source control system. Buddybuild will use this key to clone your repository.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Sign up with email

Let’s get started by visiting the Sign up page.

Create a new buddybuild account by entering your email and desired password, then click on the Sign up with Email button.

sign up email.png

On the next screen, select Add with SSH.

First Build   Select Source   SSH.png

Step 2: Enter the SSH Git Clone URL

Navigate to your source control system and copy the SSH git clone URL. Paste this URL into buddybuild.

SSH   git clone URL.png


Need help finding the Git Clone URL? Select your source control system for specific instructions.

If your repo is public, buddybuild can immediately start a build. Hit the build button to complete sign up.

If your repo is private, you will need to install an SSH key. This SSH key authenticates buddybuild to checkout your source code.

Step 3: Add the SSH Key to Your Account Settings in your Source Control System

SSH   key.png


Need help adding the SSH key to your source control system? Select your source control system for specific instructions.


Public Repo?

You don’t need to perform this step if your repository is public. Simply hit the build button.

Once the key is installed, navigate back to buddybuild and hit the Build button.

That’s it! You’re now connected to buddybuild!

The next step is to select a repository to build with buddybuild!

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