Adding a Gitolite Repository

This page explains how to add a Gitolite hosted repository to buddybuild. Let’s get started!

Firstly, if your repository is hosted on a Gitolite server, then you will need to sign in with an email account.

Step 1: Enter the SSH Gitolite clone URL

List your repositories in Gitolite and note the repository name that you would like to add to buddybuild.

$ ssh info
Hello Richie, this is running gitolite3 v3.6.5-4-g6ed0156 on git 2.8.0

 R W  my-ios-app
 R W  my-android-app

Head over to dashboard, visit Select source and choose SSH.

select source ssh.png

Construct the Gitolite SSH clone URL using the username (typically git or gitolite for most Gitolite installations), hostname, and repository name.


clone url.png

Step 2: Add a buddybuild user to Gitolite


Only a Gitolite admin user can add new users

In order to build your app on our fleet of build machines you will need to create a new user that is authorized to read from your Gitolite repository. When you enter the gitolite clone URL, buddybuild generates an SSH key-pair that securely identifies your account in buddybuild.

Highlight and copy the generated public SSH key.

ssh key.png

To add a new Gitolite user named buddybuild, paste the public SSH key into the file below, then commit and push the admin changes to your gitolite server.


Step 3: Grant buddybuild access to your Gitolite repository

Modify your gitolite-admin/conf/gitolite.conf to grant buddybuild read-only access to your repository.

repo my-ios-app
    R = buddybuild

Automatic buddybuild SDK installation requires read-write access

Granting buddybuild read-write access to your repository gives you the option of automatically installing the buddybuild SDK at a later point. To do this, modify your gitolite-admin/conf/gitolite.conf to grant buddybuild read-write access to your repository.

repo my-ios-app
    RW = buddybuild

This is an optional step, since with read-only access you can still manually install the buddybuild SDK.


Private git submodules and private cocoapods

If your project depends on any code in other private git repositories, the buddybuild user needs to be added to those repositories as well.

Step 4: Build

Now go back to buddybuild and click on the Build button.


Buddybuild will checkout your project code and kick off a simulator build. That’s it, you’re now connected to buddybuild!

The next step is to invite testers to try out your app.

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