Add a Gitolite webhook

A webhook notifies buddybuild of code changes you make to your repo. Whenever a new change is pushed to Gitolite, buddybuild will automatically kick off a new build — ensuring you have up-to-date build status and your testers have the very latest builds.

Since Gitolite core does not have webhook functionality by default, we describe how to extend Gitolite to provide this functionality using the git post-receive script called notify-webhook.


Only a Gitolite admin user can add a Gitolite webhook

Step 1: Copy the webhook URL from buddybuild

On the Builds page, in the red banner at the top of the page, click on Resolve this issue.

The auto-build resolution banner in the buddybuild dashboard

In the dialog box that appears, select and copy the webhook URL.


notify-webhook requires python3 and simplejson

Step 2: Enable repo-specific-hooks, site-local gitolite code and whitelist notify-webhook keys

In this section we will be following the Gitolite documentation to enable repository-specific webhooks, if not already enabled.

On the Gitolite server modify the`.gitolite.rc` file as follows:

  • To enable repo-specific-hooks uncomment the repo-specific-hooks line in the gitolite.rc file or add it to the ENABLE list if it doesn’t exist.

  • To enable site-local gitolite code add this line in the gitolite.rc file, within the %RC block, if it’s not already present, or uncomment it if it’s already present and commented out:

    LOCAL_CODE => "$rc{GL_ADMIN_BASE}/local",
  • To whitelist the notify-webhook keys modify the GIT_CONFIG_KEYS to include hooks.webhookurl:

    GIT_CONFIG_KEYS => 'hooks\.webhookurl',

Then call gitolite setup to apply the changes on the Gitolite server.

Step 3: Install a git post-receive hook script

notify-webhook is a git post-receive hook script that posts JSON data to a webhook capable service like buddybuild. Download and install the webhook as follows on a local Gitolite admin machine:


mv gitolite-admin/local/hooks/repo-specific/notify-webhook

git add gitolite-admin/local/hooks/repo-specific/notify-webhook

Step 4: Configure the post-receive webhook

Modify your gitolite-admin/conf/gitolite.conf file to register the git post-receive hook named notify-webhook. Then configure the buddybuild webhook URL that you copied from Step 1. The configuration for your repository should look like this:

repo my-ios-app
  option = notify-webhook
  config hooks.webhookurl = ""

Commit and push the local Gitolite configuration changes to apply the settings. The next time you push code to your repository buddybuild automatically builds your app. Welcome to mobile continuous integration!

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