Add a Kiln Repository

If your repository lives in Kiln, you can connect to it via SSH. Buddybuild automatically generates a secure SSH key for you to install into Kiln. Buddybuild uses this key to clone your repository.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Enter the SSH Git Clone URL

Go to Kiln and find the repository you would like to connect with buddybuild. Within the main page of that repository, look to the top-right for the Clone URL. Click on the dropdown menu and select SSH.

The Kiln project page, with clone selection dropdown menu active

Highlight and copy the SSH clone URL.

The Kiln project page with SSH-based clone URL selected

Head over to dashboard, visit Select source and choose SSH.

The buddybuild select source screen

Paste the SSH URL you copied into the Git clone URL field.

The buddybuild Connect another Git service screen

Step 2: Add the SSH Key to Your Kiln Account

Highlight and copy the generated SSH key.

The buddybuild Connect another Git service screen, with SSH key selected

Navigate to your Kiln Account by first selecting your account photo, and then select SSH Keys.

The Kiln project screen, with user-specific menu active

Next, select Add a New Key.

The Kiln SSH keys screen

Paste the copied SSH key into the Public Key field and enter Buddybuild as the name.

The Kiln Add a New Key dialog

Next, click Save Key.

The Kiln Save Key button


Private git submodules and private cocoapods

If your project depends on any code in other private git repositories, the SSH key needs to be added to those repositories as well.

Navigate back to buddybuild and click on the Build button.

The buddybuild Connect another Git service screen

Buddybuild clones your project code and starts a simulator build. The build should finish within a few minutes.

That’s it! Your Kiln repository is now connected to buddybuild, and your first build is under way. The next steps are:

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