Add a Kiln webhook

A webhook notifies buddybuild of code changes that you make to your repository. Whenever a new change is pushed, buddybuild automatically builds your app — ensuring that you have up-to-date build status and your testers have the very latest changes.

Let’s get started!

  1. On the Builds page you will notice a big red banner labeled Looking for builds to be kicked off automatically? To get started click the Resolve this issue button.

    The auto-build resolution banner in the buddybuild dashboard

  2. In the dialog box that appears, select and copy the webhook URL.

  3. Navigate to your Kiln repository. On the top navigation bar, select Settings.

    The Kiln project screen

  4. Click the web hooks link under the section Web Hooks.

    The Kiln settings screen

  5. Click the Create a new web hook…​ button.

    The Kiln web hooks screen

  6. Enter a name for the web hook, and then set the web hook Type to Custom.

    The Kiln web hook creation screen

  7. Paste the URL you first copied into the URL field.

    The Kiln web hook URL field

  8. In the Repositories field, start typing the name of your repository, then select it.

    Remember that the buddybuild webhook URL is specific to your app, so you must create a new web hook in Kiln for each app, even if your repository contains multiple apps.

    The Kiln web hook repository trigger field

  9. Click the Create web hook button.

    You’re now done!

    The Kiln Create web hook button

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