Add a Visual Studio Online Repository

If your repository lives in Visual Studio Online / Team Foundation Server (TFS), you can connect to it via SSH.

Buddybuild currently requires you to create a personal access token in Visual Studio online, then provide us with a Git URL for your repository that includes this personal access token.

It should take about 5 minutes to get signed up. Let’s get started!

Generating a personal access token

Head over to dashboard, visit Select source and choose SSH.

The buddybuild Select source screen

Once you see this screen in buddybuild, head over to Visual Studio online. The URL looks like:

The buddybuild Connect another Git service screen

Go into your personal profile (hover over your username in the top right, and select My Profile), select the Security Tab, and then add a Personal Access Token.

The Visual Studio Online, Create a personal access token screen

Make a note of the personal access token that is generated.

Find your repo URL

Go to your project page and click the Clone button on the top right.

The Visual Studio Online project page

You will get an HTTPS URL like this:

Combine the repo URL and personal access token

The final step in preparing your URL is to add the personal access token into the repo URL. Paste it into the repo URL, so it looks like this, replacing MY_ACCESS_TOKEN with your personal access token and adding an @.

Finish sign up

Back on buddybuild, paste the HTTPS URL into the git clone URL text box.

You can ignore the formatting suggestions, and also ignore the SSH key we offer. They don’t apply to Visual Studio online hosted git repos.

Click on the Build button.

The buddybuild Connect another Git service screen, clicking the I’m ready to build! button

Buddybuild clones your project code and starts a simulator build. The build should finish within a few minutes.

That’s it! Your Visual Studio Online repository is now connected to buddybuild, and your first build is under way. The next steps are:

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