SDK Feature Settings

Buddybuild lets you select which SDK features to include when builds are deployed from buddybuild. In order to have these features available, integrate the buddybuild SDK on your desired branch. No code changes are required to integrate the buddybuild SDK for Android; just enable it!


SDK features for iOS App Store and TestFlight Deployments

iOS App Store installs have all buddybuild SDK features disabled except for crash reporting. The SDK determines whether an install is from the iOS App Store by checking the NSBundle’s appStoreReceiptURL; only iOS App Store-installed apps have the URL filled in.

TestFlight builds deployed by buddybuild have all of the buddybuild SDK features that were enabled. If you don’t want your TestFlight deployments to have these features, you must turn them off in the buddybuild dashboard and submit a new build to TestFlight.


Can I turn off the SDK features for Android in production?

By default, all SDK features are turned off when you deploy to Google Play. You have control over which features to enable when deploying to your testers via email.

However, this is only true when you deploy from buddybuild. If you download the .apk file and manually deploy it to Google Play, any enabled SDK features remain active in that version.

Configure SDK feature settings

  1. Log in to the buddybuild dashboard.

  2. The App Settings button Click App Settings button in the top toolbar. The Default build configuration screen is displayed:

    The Default build configuration screen

  3. The Buddybuild SDK button In the left navigation bar, click the Buddybuild SDK button. The Install the SDK screen is displayed:

    The Install the SDK screen

  4. The Feature settings button In the left navigation bar, click the Feature settings button. The Feature settings screen is displayed.

    1. If you have not already installed the buddybuild SDK on at least one branch, you see:

      The Feature settings screen, when not configured

      The Install the buddybuild SDK button If so, click the Install the buddybuild SDK button. The follow the instructions for iOS integration, or Android integration.

    2. If you have installed the buddybuild SDK on at least one branch, you see:

      The Features settings screen, with configuration

      Turn on, or off, the features that you want in include, or exclude, in your builds.


    Any changes made to Feature Settings only take effect on the next successful build.

    That’s it! You’re done.

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