SDK Feature Settings

Buddybuild lets you select which SDK features to include when builds are deployed from buddybuild. In order to have these features available, integrate the buddybuild SDK on your desired branch.


SDK Features for App Store builds

Crash Reporting is the only SDK feature that is enabled for App Store builds.

Builds that are deployed via buddybuild or TestFlight will still have the tutorial to take screenshots, the screenshot utility, "app-to-date" and Instant Replay!

Here’s how to configure the SDK feature settings!

Launch the buddybuild dashboard and select App Settings.

Builds   Settings.png

In the left navigation, select Buddybuild SDK, then Feature settings.

SDK   Feature settings   menu.png

On the Feature Settings page, you can turn on or off the features that you want to include on your builds.


Note: Any changes made to Feature Settings will only take effect on the next successful build.

SDK   Feature settings.png

That’s it! You’re done.

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