Feedback Reporter

Gathering feedback from your beta users can often be a clumsy process. Feedback from your beta users often takes a variety of forms — emails, slack messages or verbal comments.

Most of the time, the context of the feedback is not entirely clear without an accompanying screenshot. Taking screenshots, attaching them to emails or uploading them to slack is an awkward and time-consuming process — which disincentivizes testers from leaving feedback.

The buddybuild SDK feedback reporter offers a way of submitting feedback painlessly right from within your app, as soon as an issue is noticed by your beta user. From anywhere within your app, taking a screenshot brings up the Feedback Reporter. Beta users can annotate the screenshot and add a comment — providing you the exact context you need to iterate on your app.

A collection of feedback screenshots and comments

Buddybuild marshals the feedback into whatever form works best for you — Email, Slack, Jira, or even GitHub issues right in your project’s repo!

Feedback from a specific user, showing the captured screenshot and comment

To enable this feature, integrate the buddybuild SDK into your App.

The SDK also offers several other features in addition to the Visual Feedback Reporter. Follow the links below to learn more about you can supercharge your app with the buddybuild SDK.

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