Installing Builds from buddybuild

As a tester or beta user, installing builds and submitting feedback is now easier than ever with buddybuild.

Typically, your app’s developers would send you an email containing the build they would like your valuable feedback on. Open this email and click on the Install button.

If this is your first time installing builds from buddybuild, you’ll need to follow a short registration process.

Device Registration

Simply tap on the Start Registration button and then install the profile. buddybuild uses this registration to identify who sent feedback on builds.

Three iPhone screenshots demonstrating how to register a device

Download and Install Build

If you’ve already registered, you can download your app right away. Simply hit the Download button and then tap Install to install the build.

Three iPhone screenshots demonstrating how to download and install a build

That’s it! Open your app from the home screen. Next, let’s leave feedback for your developers!

Enterprise Signing

Enterprise organizations need to be trusted before their apps can be run. If you hit this error when opening your app, open up your settings and trust the organization’s profile before launching the app.

Three iPhone screenshots demonstrating how to install and trust an enterprise provisioning profile

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