This section covers buddybuild’s test infrastructure.

For each test run defined in your projects, buddybuild provides:

  • Code snippets for failed tests
    If your test failed due to an assertion, the test details page shows a code snippet of the failing tests with the failed assertion highlighted.

  • Screenshots for all UI tests
    Xcode takes screenshots of your app whenever it runs your UI tests. During a test run activity such as a swipe or tap causes a new screenshot to be recorded.

    If your test is a UI test, the test details page contains the screenshots capture by Xcode. Each screenshot appears with a description of the corresponding activity.

  • A detailed call stack for app crashes during test runs
    If you app crashes during a test, the test details page contains a call stack of the crash and a code snippet for each method call from your app.

  • Support for FBSnapshotTestCase
    FBSnapshotTestCase is a testing framework that lets you easily test your app’s views. It generates a snapshot of your view during a test and compares it to a reference image that your include with your source code.

    If your project has a FBSnapshotTestCase test that fails, the test details page displays the reference image, the generated image, and a snapshot diff; an image highlighting where changes have occurred.

  • All of the logs generated by the xcodebuild command
    Raw logs generated by xcodebuild are available in the test details page. System logs generated by your app are also included there.

Test Frameworks

Buddybuild supports a variety of test frameworks, with automatic detection and execution of XCTest, XCUITest, and JUnit tests. Supported frameworks can be invoked using custom build steps. Custom test reporting is also available.

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