Installing Apple’s Updated Intermediate WWDR Certificate

On February 14th, 2016, the original Apple’s Intermediate WWDR certificate expired. To make sure you can keep building locally, and using buddybuild’s certificate uploader tools, you should make sure you have the latest version of the intermediate certificate.

If you see something like this in Keychain, then the problem affects you.

A Keychain entry with an invalid issuer

Download and install the new certificate

Go to and download the certificate marked WWDR Certificate (Expiring 02/07/23).

Once you have downloaded that, double click on it to install it.

Remove any copies of the old certificate

Simply installing the new certificate is not enough. You must remove copies of the old one too.

By default, Keychain does not show expired certificates, which makes them had to find.

Go to View and make sure you have clicked Show Expired Certificates.

The Keychain View menu, with 'Show Expired Certificates' selected

Then look for Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority in both the login and System keychains. You will see the red expired cross next to it. Delete it from both.

The Apple WWDR Certificate Authority label in Keychain

Certificates are now valid

If you’ve performed all these steps, you will now see that your certificates are valid again.

A Keychain entry that is now valid

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