Trouble installing builds on iOS

No build available to download

If you have not yet uploaded a code signing certificate, buddybuild cannot properly sign your application. This means that a successful build cannot be installed on a device, and so buddybuild does not make the build artifact available for download. This situation does not prevent your tests from running.

Build will not install on a device

Almost every case of an app not installing on a device is caused by an existing version of the app already installed conflicting with buddybuild’s attempt to install it.

In particular, buddybuild cannot install on top of an App Store version. Please delete any App Store versions before attempting to install an app through buddybuild.

"Unable to Download App" message

This error is quite generic and could be caused by the following reasons, but not limited to:

  • UDID is not included in the provisioning profile

  • The build was incorrectly signed or has broken entitlements

  • Device or iOS version is incompatible with the build

  • Device storage is full

  • You’ve reached your device provisioning limit in your Apple Developer Account (See your "Remaining devices" in your App Settings > Integrations > Apple Developer Portal)

Sometimes a "Rebuild without cache" might get you going, but if you are still experiencing this, we recommend you get the device logs and reach out to us on Intercom.

Private Browsing

This issue is caused when opening the link in Private mode in Safari. Here’s how to turn off Private browsing:

  1. Tap the tabs button (the right-most button in the bottom toolbar below)

    Buddybuild’s Private Browsing error page, as displayed on an iPhone

  2. Tap on Private to deselect it.

    The iOS Safari Tabs display

  3. Quit Safari, then click on the install link again.

If you still see this error message, make sure cookies are not disabled on your device.

Two iPhone screenshots showing how to navigate to Safari’s cookie settings

Nothing happens when trying to register the device or to install the app

This issue is caused when opening the link in a SFSafariViewController (a stripped down version of Safari in third party apps) and not Safari, the main app itself.

The issue can be fixed by forcing the link to open in Safari. Then to install from Safari:

Buddybuild’s Register Your Device screen as displayed on an iPhone, with the 'Install Profile' popup displayed

Profile installation Failed: Couldn’t communicate with a helper application

When you get this error while trying to install the buddybuild profile, try the following:

  • Open the Settings app

  • Go to General > Profiles on the device

  • Remove the buddybuild config profile

  • Visit

  • Try to reinstall the build, buddybuild should ask to install the profile again.

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