Feedback screenshots do not appear in buddybuild-generated issue descriptions

If you have enabled the JIRA integration, and are finding that buddybuild-generated issues for feedback do not have visible screenshots, the problem may be that the issue descriptions are configured to render as plain text.

To correct this problem:

  1. Log in to your JIRA instance as a user with JIRA administrator privileges.

  2. The JIRA gear button At the right of the top menu bar, click the gear icon. The Administration dropdown menu appears:

    The Administration dropdown menu in JIRA

  3. Select Issues. The Issues administration screen is displayed:

    The Issues administration screen in JIRA

  4. In the left navigation bar, within the Fields section, click the Field configurations link. The View Field configurations screen is displayed:

    The View Field Configurations screen in JIRA

  5. Click the Configure link to the right of the Default Field Configuration label. The View Field Configuration screen is displayed:

    The View Field Configuration screen in JIRA

  6. Scroll down to the Description area:

    The description area within the Field configuration screen in JIRA

  7. To the right of the Description subtitle, click the Renderers link. The Edit Field Rendered: Description screen is displayed:

    The Edit Field Renderer: Description screen in JIRA

  8. In the Active Renderer selection menu, select Wiki Style Renderer.

  9. The Update button in JIRA Click the Update button to use the Wiki Style Renderer for issue descriptions.

That’s it! The screenshots that are included with feedback issues should now display as images.

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