Missing schemes

If you don’t see your scheme, it very likely belongs to a different target.


Buddybuild treats every target as a separate app. So each app in buddybuild maps to a single target in your Xcode project.

If you have multiple targets, then they should be added to buddybuild as separate apps.


A scheme ties together a target with a build configuration.

If you do not see your scheme, it is very likely because the target of the app in buddybuild is not included in the Build section of the scheme you are trying to use.

The Xcode schemes dialog, with the Build section selected

Please check that the scheme matches the target of the app in buddybuild.

Make sure your scheme is shared

You can make sure your scheme is shared, by going to Manage Schemes from the schemes dropdown in Xcode:

The Schemes dropdown in Xcode

And then checking the Shared option against the schemes you want to share:

The Manage Schemes dialog in Xcode

Once you’ve changed this, commit the scheme to your default branch, (usually master or develop) and push the changes with git. After buddybuild has built that commit you will see the schemes available in buddybuild.

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