Repository does not contain full list of commits

For performance reasons, buddybuild downloads only the minimal set of branches and commits from the repository. Often this means that buddybuild downloads only the HEAD commit for a single branch.

Sometimes development scripts depend on other branches or older commits. For example, versioning schemes based on the number of commits on a branch, or versioning schemes that depend on the output of these commands, will not be accurate since there may be insufficient information available from the optimized repository:

  • git describe --tags

  • git rev-list --count


  • If you need to download another branch (for example master), then execute these commands from a buddybuild postclone script.

    git remote set-branches --add origin $branch
    git fetch origin $branch:$branch

    If you need to download a different branch, change master on the first line. For example, to fully populate the branch that buddybuild has shallow cloned, change the first line to:

  • If you need to download the entire Git history, then execute this command from a buddybuild postclone script.

    git fetch --unshallow

These workarounds may significantly degrade your build time.

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