User not getting alert when a new version of app is available

Our SDK allows your testers to be notified when a new version of your application is available via an alert. Here’s a checklist of the conditions required for this feature to work:

  • Enable the automatic app-update
    The Automatic App-Update is activated by default but check your App Settings to make sure it is still enabled. If it’s not, then your users won’t get notified that a new version is available next time they open your app.

    The SDK’s Feature Settings page

  • The build must be deployed via email
    Users will only be notified about new deployed versions of your application. Make sure that you either manually deployed a new build:

    The build details page with the Deploy tab selected

    Or that you use automated deployment.

    The deployment team notifications screen, with automatic team notifications for each build

  • The SDK must be installed on the previous version of the app
    If your users are running a version they installed before you integrated the SDK into your application, they won’t get notified about the new version available via the app.

    They will have to install the new build via the notification they got via email. Once this build is installed, they will be notified of the subsequent available versions of your application.

  • The user must be identified
    We need to be able to identify the user before showing the new version alert. To achieve that, we use a certificate. To ensure that the user not getting the notification is properly identified, use the feedback feature of the SDK.

    1. Take a screenshot

    2. Submit feedback

    If the feedback appears from an Unknown user then something went wrong with the user’s device. To fix it, ask your user to perform the following tasks in the General > Profile section of the Settings panel.

    Three iPhone screenshots showing how to navigate to the Profile settings, and deleting a profile

    Then, visit in Safari on your iPhone. Once this is done, you can ask your users to visit the installation page again.

  • User must only have one device registered
    Currently, the update notification is keyed to the user’s email address, not the device. Installing a new version on the iPad will cancel the update notification from showing on the iPhone.

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